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  • God loves without limits
  • this can be experienced in real life
  • He is thinking of you

Who is God for you?

The God of the Bible presents himself as the Creator who, by his word and Spirit, created matter from “nothing,” day...

Life After Life

I love fantasy novels. As a child I devoured novels like “Narnia” or “Lord of the Rings” immersing myself into a world...

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My Beloved Mountains

In the beloved mountains, Simon often does not find the right path. Screes, snowfields, fog, rain and snow make it...

Gain Everlasting Life

We all would rather be winners than losers. But what do you really want to get? The question of Matthew 16:26 “For...

Ewiges Leben gewinnen

Wir alle möchten lieber Gewinner anstatt Verlierer sein. Doch was möchten wir denn genau bekommen? Die Frage aus...

The Lord is risen!

He truly is risen! Even today this well known Easter greeting is common among Christians today. It is a wonderful...

Er ist auferstanden!

Er ist wahrhaftig auferstanden! Diesen bekannten Ostergruss rufen sich noch heute viele Christen im Osten zu. Ist das...

Encouraging topics for your soul

Taking breaks is healthy!Treat yourself to a time-out and discover „God loves you“. Linger on the words that touch your heart. Soak in God’s thoughts, as if there were essential vitamins for your soul.

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