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  • God loves without limits
  • this can be experienced in real life
  • He is thinking of you

I’m Fond of Nepal

When I’m in Nepal, the scents, the noise, the atmosphere, and the distinct culture fascinate me. In Kathmandu, you...

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Joy that remains

There was a man, a woman and a child. Nothing special in this barn and yet, everything was very special. There was joy...

Joy that motivates

It was drawing and the shepherds couldn't wait to see what the angels were telling them. Some ran and wanted to be the...

Joy as Surprise

Rather bored they sat around the fire and stared into the dark. Every so often a sheep was bleating and that was it....

Light of the World

The religious leaders were upset. Jesus, born in a barn, claims as an adult and teacher to be the light of the world....

Encouraging topics for your soul

Taking breaks is healthy!Treat yourself to a time-out and discover „God loves you“. Linger on the words that touch your heart. Soak in God’s thoughts, as if there were essential vitamins for your soul.

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