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Life on the Edge

Many overfill their already full calendars. The already horrendous pace is further increased through this. Both family...

Jesus is Coming Again

Ascension Day is part of the church year. In the Bible, Jesus’s ascension to heaven is described with this impressive...

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Do you love me?

God says in Jeremiah 31:3: "I have loved you with an everlasting love" Everlasting, what does that mean? From the...

Christ is risen!

Jesus was born by a virgin, performed remarkable miracles and gave his life for the world. But without his...

The Eternal Home

I moved last month. I was permitted to move things to my new flat a month prior to the move-in date while I was still...

How reach God?

Religious representatives from all over the world met and wanted to find out how reach God. They came to the...

Encouraging topics for your soul

Taking breaks is healthy!Treat yourself to a time-out and discover „God loves you“. Linger on the words that touch your heart. Soak in God’s thoughts, as if there were essential vitamins for your soul.

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