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Love With an Expiry Date?
28. August 2022

Helene Fischer and Florian Silbereisen were the dream couple in the German music scene! Then the shocking news: The two are separating! 10 years they were a couple. They shared “bed, profession and sometimes even the tooth brush”, as Silbereisen stated in an interview later on. 

Despite all commonalities, despite their contagious charisma: Their love ended. They didn’t see a future together. 

No, none of us wish for that. We dream of love. The love that carries through, especially in difficult times. As humans, we are overwhelmed by that. Often we unfortunately fail. 

Got says: “My love does not know an end.” What a promise! Try it!

People disappoint – God never disappoints!

Scripture of the week: 1. John 4:7-10

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