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More than a contract
7. November 2021

Finally the old, yellowy sheet appeared: “Jesus, today I give you my heart! Thank you for saving me! May 18, 1969, Sabine”

As a teenager, she often looked for this sheet as doubt creeped into her heart. She remembered this contract with God very often: “Yes, it’s valid. The sheet exists and I have signed it!”

Years passed and despite the letter and promises, Sabine’s faithfulness often crumbled. Paper is no guarantee and often ends in the garbage can. The mature woman declares today: “Paper accepts everything, but God’s promises are reliable. Promises no matter how faint, God takes them seriously. He promises in the Bible that he is faithful in our weakness.” 

Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;).

Hebrew 10:23

The “contract” of a child can end up in trash. Nonetheless, Jesus promised to bring anyone who clings to him to the finish line. He is the only strong contract-partner of all time. 

Have you signed God’s offer_ 

Scripture of the week: Hebrew 10:19-24

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