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Put Into Perspective
23. January 2022

Snowflakes and ice crystals adorn the countryside in blinding white. The warm sunlight turns the white snow cover into a sparkling beauty. 

This also happens, when our life lightens up. Old, well known views appear in new dimensions and are put into perspective. When Jesus tells us that he is the light of the world, he shines light into the depth of our souls. With him, everything comes to light, even those things that need to be disposed of. 

Jesus paid with his life for our garbage. Leave all burdens with him!

Are you allowing Jesus to shine into your most secret inner corners?

Do you have questions about God or the Bible? 

This is how you can reach us in written:

Scripture of the week: John 12:44-50

What is Truth? 

Jesus is to be sentenced to death. Despite false witnesses, the Roman procurator Ponsions Pilate could not find any...

Is there Hope?

With the crucifixion, the Romans destroyed all hope in the roundabout 33 year old Jesus who healed the sick. Why did...

Does He Truly Live?

A soldier pierced Jesus’ side with a lance. Blood and water emerged which proved his death. A Pharisee who believed in...

The Son of God

“Come down from the cross if you are truly the Son of God.” In this fashion they wanted to outdo each other with their...

The King of Jews

The soldiers mounted a sign “The King of Jews'' on the cross. But let’s start from the beginning. Out of the darkness...

Healthy Authority

Jesus wasn’t a world improver but the Son of God with trustworthy authority. After his entrance to Jerusalem, a very...