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The Son of God
16. April 2022

“Come down from the cross if you are truly the Son of God.” In this fashion they wanted to outdo each other with their remarks. The evil seemed to win in that moment. The response of the hurting Jesus was: “Father, forgive them since they do not know what they do.” One, who was crucified with him, asked: “Think of me when you go to your Kingdom.” Jesus responded: “Today, you will be in Paradise.” He asked his disciple John: “Take care of my mother.”

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

Luke 23:34a

Would you care about your neighbor in unbearable pain in the midst of struggles of death? Why was Jesus able to? 

His last words, “It is finished!” show his love for his Father and his obedience to the mission! His blood was the price for reconciliation between us and God. The loud scream of death in the darkness turned into an echo through the resurrection on Easter. The light of the world continues to shine and the hope of life took the power of death. 

When the earth trembled and the curtain in the temple near the Holiest of Holy ripped from top to bottom, the Son of God opened the way between man and God. Everyone who trusts Jesus as the lamb-sacrifice will have forgiveness. In Jesus, the love of God reaches out its hand for reconciliation.

The officer who encountered it all said: “He was truly the Son of God!”

Like back then, you risk to be seen as old fashioned or simply uneducated if you trust Jesus.

Do you believe the officer’s statement?

Bible text for deepening: Matthew 27:45-54

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