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Who is fruitful?
17. July 2022

A farmer was sowing grain. Some fell on the path, which the birds pecked. Other kernels under the thorns, where they were soon overgrown. The seed that fell on the rocky ground grew quickly and withered because it could not take root. The rest fell on fertile ground. The harvest yielded thirty, sixty or a hundred times of what was seeded.

God’s word is scattered everywhere like the seed. Our heart is to be compared with the condition of the soil. On the path that is stuck, the good word is picked away before it can do any good. The soil on the rock quickly takes up the word, but strong roots cannot flourish because the heart is too hard. Thorns and thistles are like worries and greed for riches, which suffocate the sprouts. The good soil bears different amounts of fruit. Every person is responsible for the soil of his heart!

The seed is the word of God.

Luke 8:11b from the Bible

May God work on the soil of your heart and let the roots of His word grow deeper.

original text of the parable from the Bible: Mark 4:1-20

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