shows himself


We invite you to look at the Christmas story from different perspectives. It is told by four remarkable people who were pointed to a unique event by God. An event that changed the world and reminds us that we humans have received the greatest possible gift at Christmas.

Every Advent weekend, on three consecutive days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), new texts are published.


01 – 03 December

Mary has a courageous yes to God’s plan, without fear of the consequences. She encourages us to trust God and say yes to his plans. This may mean taking different paths than we had planned, but they are always good for us.


08 – 10 Dezember

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the person who is seen as a sign of love and salvation. In him, the human and the divine come together. He gives us the hope that fulfills us and is the true meaning of Christmas.


15 – 17 Dezember

On the night Jesus is born, the shepherds are visited by an angel. They are the first to hear the good news. God chooses the insignificant to share his message. This message is for everyone, regardless of status or achievement.

Truth seeker

22 – 24 Dezember

Truth seekers from the East discovered a remarkable star phenomenon that pointed to the birth of Jesus. Their deep-rooted faith encouraged them to embark on a journey to the unknown.

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