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God Reaches the Destination
2. June 2022

An estate owner leases out his vineyard and travels abroad. A messenger was to collect the agreed upon portion of the harvest but he was beaten by the tennant. This repeated itself until the owner sent his own son as he hoped that they would show more respect towards him. When the farmers saw the son, they killed him out of greed and jealousy. 

After this story, the scribes and leaders of the people would have liked to grab Jesus. They knew that they were the tenants in the analogy who would kill the son. 

The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone

Psalms 118:22

Conclusion: Instead of confronting their wickedness they became vicious and got Jesus nailed to the cross. Are we allowing the Bible’s truth to question us regularly? It mirrors and uncovers falsehoods so healing forgiveness and reconciliation can occur. This is why Jesus sacrificed his life for us. 

How do you go about the offer of reconciliation? 

Scripture of the Week: Mark 12:1-12 (original text of the analogy)

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