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God reckons differently
19. June 2022

Early in the morning, the winegrower was looking for day laborers. They agreed on a usual wage. Around noon, he again found workers and sent them to work in the vineyard. When he arrived in the afternoon, he saw some standing around idly, so he ordered them to work as well.

When the farmer paid everyone the same wage at the end of the day, those who were harvesting grapes since the early morning started to grumble. “My friend,” replied the winegrower, “you are not wronged! After all, we agreed on this amount.” – Thus the vineyard owner showed himself to be a generous and just gentleman, who who also gave the “last one” his entire wages.

Conclusion: Jesus acted exactly the same way with the repentant criminal who hung next to him on the cross and said: “Remember me when you enter your kingdom!” Whoever sincerely asks Jesus Christ for forgiveness gets peace with the living God.

So the last shall be first, and the first last.

Matthew 20:16a from the Bible

Do you know this peace?

Original text from the biblical parable Matthew 20:1-16

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