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I was looking for some good literature when I found a wallet. It wasn’t on the floor where a customer would have lost it but it was on a shelf hidden by a few novels. 

I investigated further and found a number of credit-, bank- and client cards – but no cash. But – at least – through the client cards it is easy to figure out the owner’s address and phone number. 

Like I thought, the wallet was stolen a few weeks before. All cash was gone. But why would the thief hide the wallet in a bookstore? Did he have a bad conscience? Did he want it to be found? We can only guess… 

But God is faithful and fair. If we admit that we have sinned, he will forgive us our sins. He will forgive every wrong thing we have done. He will make us pure.

1 John 1:9

Certain is: There is a dump for our sins, for guilt that makes life difficult: The invitation is valid: Those who recognize their sin will be forgiven! There is no need to hide!

Bible text for deepening: 1 John 1:5-10