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You can recognize bitter people by their countenance, facial expressions and their eyes. Their appearance cannot hide their inner conflict. Bullying, humiliation, abuse, losses… hurt. For a long time I was afraid of becoming bitter. From sadness and disappointment to bitterness is often only a very small step.

Hanna from the Bible was constantly offended because of her childlessness. She cried and could no longer eat. Silently she prayed to God. He answered her and she had a son, Samuel, which means “God heard”! The prophet, Habakkuk, did not understand why God used the most brutal people of that time to lead Israel into terrible captivity; he brought all his “why” before God. Deeply sad, Job spoke from a bitter heart to God and gave free rein to his feelings. 

Even though Hanna got an answer, both men did not. Instead, they received a deeper relationship with God. They were able to reconcile with their difficult fate through open discussion with God. If you are struggling with bitterness for your life situation,  I wish you the same. I encourage to openly and freely speak with God about the things of your heart. You do not have to be afraid, he already knows your thoughts. You won’t offend or scare him off, he wants to have open dialog with you. Let him into the bitterness of your heart, so He can give you freedom from it.

“I am disgusted with my life. Let me complain freely. My bitter soul must complain.”

Job 10:1

Are you surprised with how Job speaks to God?

Weekly verse: Job 42:1-6