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Is Eagerness Addictive?
16. January 2022

The one or other peaceful vigil has turned into violence and looting. Many think that they know the truth or are experts when they know the majority is behind them. History tells us differently. 

How fast you can err, know those who reflect honestly. It takes courage to derive consequences from it. When striving turns into officiousness or jealousy people become fanatic and blind. It misses the mark. Eagerness without godly wisdom becomes an idol and forces us to strive for unrealistic goals. We act outside of God’s context. Real love and true faith neither lead to stubbornness nor to jealousy.

What starts with blessing can end in a disaster. Were you deceived? Stop – reflect – turn around – seek help and let go of you own “constructs”! Take God’s strong, helping hand. Jesus helps those who need him. 

How often do you strive for something? 

Scripture of the week: Jacob 3:13-18

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