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No space for the king!
5. December 2021

The creator of the universe came as a helpless baby. His mother put him in a manger. She didn’t have any other space. 

Would a 5 star hotel make due for the son of God or does the “newborn king of Jews” have a right for a spot in Herod’s palace? 

Everywhere, Jesus was rejected. Herod wanted to kill him as he worried for his crown. The religious elite refused him as the promised messiah and turned him to an earthly court. One of his disciples betrayed him for money and the crowds that just hailed “Hosanna” booed loudly at the cross. 

What Jesus endured for us! Not even the horrible death on the cross stopped him. But now he is rehabilitated and sits to the right of God. The powers in heaven and earth are his. 

He deserves a special place in my life. 

Scripture of the week: Luke 2 (Christmas story) 

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