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Newborns who are nursed are more protected from disease and their foundational trust is strengthened. Over time, kids learn to eat at the table. 

In his letter to the Hebrews, Paul uses this principle of nutrition to explain spiritual growth. We are to learn to wean off baby food and to go for the hearty food on the table. It’s about living faith transparently and integrated in daily life.

The Bible teaches us to not drown in the sorrow of the day but to leave those with God. Often, I have to rid myself of the same thoughts multiple times since I cannot let them go. This way I practice, step by step to grow roots that make me stronger. 

Now I commit you to God’s care. I commit you to the word of his grace. It can build you up. Then you will share in what God plans to give all his people.

Acts 20:32

It’s our goal to get to know God better, to find constructive answers to life that are close to reality and to find faith which we share with others. Don’t keep nursing!

Scripture of the week: Hebrews 5:11-14