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That’s what we all want, a life overflowing with joy. The only question is, how do we do that? There are so many “joy-killers” in our lives. Like the neighbor who doesn’t like us. The colleague at work who is the boss’s favourite and gets special treatment. The partner who doesn’t want what we want. The children, who go their own ways … and, and, and. There are so many circumstances that try to rob us of our joy. 

Yes, life can be hard, and circumstances can be difficult. People throughout all of history have always had their own battles and struggles. The Bible says: “The joy of the Lord gives new strength.” This is a mystery, and one that can be experienced. Whoever chooses to turn to the living Lord and look to him, will find joy.  No matter how bitter, no matter how hard, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. The Lord will restore your joy.

Therefore, look away from you and your circumstances. Look at Jesus Christ. He wants to give you new joy and strength.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength!”

an excerpt from Nehemiah 8:10

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Weekly text: Nehemiah 8:5-12