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Our hands… what an ingenious all purpose tool! We can touch, grasp, hold, pick up, throw, catch, write, open, close.. we can do a lot of incredible things with our hands. However, we can also do a lot of damage. Our hands do what we tell them to do. Therefore, we have to be diligent in what we choose to do with them.

It is wonderful when we use our hands to serve others, when our hands are outstretched to our neighbour in need. When we use our hands to help, and to raise others up. The crazy thing is that whoever helps others also helps himself. Service fills our hearts and gives us joy back. It’s how God created it.

Let us therefore, use our hands as tools to help and not destroy, to raise up instead of tear down, to love instead of hate. Let’s use our hands for the good of God and allow people to see his heart through us.

The second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ No other commandment is greater than this.

Mark 12:31

Can you love yourself?

Weekly text: Mark 12:28-34