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We just got back from holidays and wanted to sleep in late. However, early this morning, someone rang our doorbell! An unannounced visitor forced me to make a choice. Should I leave my comfort zone and answer the door in my pajamas or should I just simply ignore them and let them leave disappointed? Throughout our lives, we are given countless opportunities to leave our comfort zone or choose the more comfortable option and hang the “Please don’t disturb” signs on our hearts.

What if there was an emergency situation? I would, rightly, blame myself afterwards and ask why I didn’t just open the door. 

Are we ready to put aside our fully booked programs in order to serve our neighbours? Jesus told a story of a jewish man who needed help. Many people passed him, one man was merciful. 

Take time to read our weekly text:Luke 10:29-37.

This Samaritan was merciful. He soothed his wounds, and bandaged them. He put him on his own donkey and brought him to an Inn. There he paid for his care until he was well again. 

And who is my neighbor?

Luke 10:29b

Would you have done the same?

This is what God meant when he said love your neighbour. Don’t turn a blind eye and walk past their needs. Take the “Please don’t disturb” sign off your heart, and take care of them.

How can you take care of your neighbours in need this week? Take some time to pray to God and ask him to highlight someone in your life or on the street. Challenge yourself this week to love people fully, care for people around you and love people with the heart God has given you.

Weekly text: Luke 10:29-37