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The Prayer that God Listens To
24. April 2022

Jesus talks about a tax collector and a pharisee who enter the temple. The pharisee accounted for all his good deeds when talking to God. At the end he said: “Thank you, that I am not like other people… or like the tax collector back there.” The tax collector who stayed near the entrance prayed very differently as he asked God for forgiveness. He knew that he was a sinner.

We are really good in portraying ourselves to God in bright colors and in disposing others who are lesser in our eyes. Such pride inhibits an honest relationship with God. The truthful tax collector was sorry for his sin and found forgiveness in God!

“God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

Luke 18:13

 Conclusion: Jesus condemns self righteous listeners who look down on others. He wants to teach them that pride obstructs the way to heaven. If we encounter God honestly, we will talk about our sin. We ask for forgiveness and receive it. To reflect is crucial for the relationship with God!

Scripture of the Week: Luke 19:9-14 (the original text of the analogy)

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