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Help! My battery is empty.
31. December 2021

Often it is in those moments that we are in full gear, when the body and mental strength fail. Suddenly, we bend, the battery fails. Anyone can be affected. 

When it comes to our car, we just give a boost with a cable, however, when it comes to people, the process is time intensive, individual and complex. 

Bleeding out the battery often starts by compensating personal weakness with extreme performance. You could compare it with a failed balancing act. 

Those who can accept their strengths and weaknesses incur lesser risk. If you root in a healthy relationship with God, you can live off it in difficult times. 

Allow God to supply you with His power regularly. This way you gain calm in the midst of stress. The Psalms are a practical treasure trove. 

Scripture of the week: Psalm 42:1-11

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