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How Do You Deal With Doubt?

How Do You Deal With Doubt?

Jesus understands his friends’ doubts and deals with them impressively. He speaks to their emotions and thoughts and shows his wounded hands and feet: “See… it’s truly me.”

In the way that Jesus talks about worries, fears and doubts shows me how approachable, sensitive and individually he deals with people. With love he attends to Thomas who is allowed to put his fingers in his wounds. What chaotic scenes do the disciples experience! Their teacher was executed like a murderer even though he was teaching love and lived it as well. 

The Pharisees cover their doubt with arrogance and lofty arguments. Thomas on the other hand said what he thought. He wanted to see Jesus and the Son of God fulfilled his wish.

Jesus said to them, “Why are you troubled? Why do you have doubts in your minds? Look at my hands and my feet. It is really I! Touch me and see. A ghost does not have a body or bones. But you can see that I do.”

Luke 24:38-39

How do you deal with doubt?

Think about how and where you have experienced Jesus so far. 

Bible text for deepening: Luke 24:36-49

Evidence Doesn’t Create Relationship

Evidence Doesn’t Create Relationship

People from different social status, eras, nations have witnessed, researched and proven the resurrection of Jesus. 700 years prior, the prophet Jeremiah stated details that God showed him.

The US-Journalist and Atheist Lee Stroblel displayed his search for truth in the movie “The Case for Christ”. Due to the facts he surrendered before God. Despite all evidence, everyone has to decide for himself which truth he wants to believe. Without faith, there is no relationship with God. 

He is not here! He has risen, just as he said he would! Come and see the place where he was lying.

Matthew 28:6

We can ignore him or belittle him but no one can go past Jesus. He is risen. He lives. He is forever. And he will return. After our life on earth, we will be before him. The question will be: “What did you do with my offer?”

What will you say?

Bible text for deepening: Matthew 28:1-20

Is there Hope?

Is there Hope?

With the crucifixion, the Romans destroyed all hope in the roundabout 33 year old Jesus who healed the sick. Why did they kill him without reason or mercy? This was the topic two men discussed on their way to Emmaus. A foreigner who asked some questions met up with them. It seemed like he didn’t know anything about the events of the past days. Nevertheless, he taught them that everything had to happen exactly like it was written in the Holy Scriptures. The discussion was so engaging that they invited the guest for supper. When the “stranger” said grace and broke the bread, they recognized the resurrected Jesus in him. He disappeared in the same movement. They said to each other: “Didn’t we feel in our hearts how his explanations touched us?”

 Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see; a ghost does not have flesh and bones, as you see I have.” 40 When he had said this, he showed them his hands and feet.

Luke 24:39-40

Shortly after, Jesus encountered the disciples who sat behind locked doors. “Peace be with you!” He showed his pierced feet and hands to the shocked men and sat with them. Patiently, he explained from scripture that he was the promised Saviour. Jesus the hope stood real, touchable in their midst. He lives, he is there, he is tangible even today.

Just like the disciples had to learn a lot so do we today. They had seen Jesus and lived with him. We can get to know him through the Bible and if we believe in him, we can experience a personal relationship. We can talk to him in prayer. He responds and works in our lives since he offers exactly this way of faith and trust. Even though they could see and hear him, many did not believe anyway. It therefore doesn’t matter if we see him or not. To believe means to hope without already seeing. It is a privilege to grow into a true, deep relationship with him. 

Do you want a personal, hopeful relationship with Jesus?

Bible text for deepening: Luke 24, 13-49

Does He Truly Live?

Does He Truly Live?

A soldier pierced Jesus’ side with a lance. Blood and water emerged which proved his death. A Pharisee who believed in Jesus obtained permission to bury the body in a new grave. After the embalming, they put a huge stone in front of the grave and sealed the entrance which was guarded by soldiers. 

but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? 6 He is not here; he has risen!

Luke 24,5b-6a

Amongst the disciples there was grief, fear and panic. One of them, Mary Magdalene, went to the grave early in the morning and saw that the stone was moved. She thought that someone had stolen the body. Suddenly, Jesus stood in front of her and spoke to her in her sadness. Totally changed, she went to the disciples: “Jesus is risen like he had said.” Immediately, Peter and John ran to the grave and everything was exactly as Maria had said. A feeling of happiness, hope and doubt arose until Jesus suddenly appeared and spoke to them. Thomas wasn’t with them and said doubtfully: “I will believe when I can put my hands in his side.” Again, Jesus stood among them and asked Tomas to touch him and he believed. 

Another time, he encountered the disciples when fishing. He had prepared fish on the fire. He ate with them and demonstrated: Hey folks, I truly live! The resurrection is the ultimate proof that Jesus is the promised Son of God! He stuck to his mission and obeyed the Father. 

Therefore, Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Those who trust him know that they are delivered and that they have part in the Kingdom of God. Jesus is the King of Life. He first came as a servant and salvation to this world before he will return as king and judge for the final.

If you have questions write to us.

Bible texts to deepen: Matthew 28:1-15 / 1 Corinthians 15:1-58

The Son of God

The Son of God

“Come down from the cross if you are truly the Son of God.” In this fashion they wanted to outdo each other with their remarks. The evil seemed to win in that moment. The response of the hurting Jesus was: “Father, forgive them since they do not know what they do.” One, who was crucified with him, asked: “Think of me when you go to your Kingdom.” Jesus responded: “Today, you will be in Paradise.” He asked his disciple John: “Take care of my mother.”

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

Luke 23:34a

Would you care about your neighbor in unbearable pain in the midst of struggles of death? Why was Jesus able to? 

His last words, “It is finished!” show his love for his Father and his obedience to the mission! His blood was the price for reconciliation between us and God. The loud scream of death in the darkness turned into an echo through the resurrection on Easter. The light of the world continues to shine and the hope of life took the power of death. 

When the earth trembled and the curtain in the temple near the Holiest of Holy ripped from top to bottom, the Son of God opened the way between man and God. Everyone who trusts Jesus as the lamb-sacrifice will have forgiveness. In Jesus, the love of God reaches out its hand for reconciliation.

The officer who encountered it all said: “He was truly the Son of God!”

Like back then, you risk to be seen as old fashioned or simply uneducated if you trust Jesus.

Do you believe the officer’s statement?

Bible text for deepening: Matthew 27:45-54